What is Bio-Designed?

Created by biochemist Nausheen Qureshi, Elequra is natural skincare on another level and our brand boasts 100% results in in vivo clinical trials on real women. This was not an easy task to achieve. Having made products for other brands for many years, Nausheen wanted to modernise and upgrade the skincare formulations in the Beauty industry and by doing so, revolutionise the results for optimal long-term skin health for millions of women. She did this by creating bio-designed skincare.

What is bio-designed skincare and what does it mean? 

Bio-designed skincare is borne of the belief that natural ingredients nurture our bodies more effectively than any others. This is how our bodies have evolved. However, because the skin is primarily a defence organ, we need to help deliver the natural active ingredients to the skin by bio-designing them. This means adapting the ingredients so that they can communicate with the skin more effectively. This has been the focus of 10 years of Elequra’s laboratory research and development. Unique bio-designed ingredients have been created as a result, such as Rift Valley Algae Complex that is a multivitamin for the skin designed from spirulina blue-green algae, and Tamarind Seed Extract designed from the seeds of the tamarind fruit that produces a compound 40% more effective at attracting water and hydrating the skin than hyaluronic acid. And the results speak for themselves – Elequra is a brand that holds 100% results in anti-wrinkle in vivo clinical trials, measured by laser profilometry tests. We couldn’t have achieved this without bio-designing the skincare ingredients that nurture our skin.

Overarching this modernised skincare concept is the promise of ocean-safe “blue beauty”. Elequra endeavours to ensure its products won’t harm the oceans, marine ecosystems and aquatic environments when they are ultimately washed down the sink, passing our waste water treatment system. By already growing and bio-designing sustainable plant ingredients grown on farms trained by our brand, we are aware of our full product journey.