The Science

The science at the heart of all our products

Bio-designed skincare

Derived from the words ‘bio’ — meaning from a natural source, and ‘designed’ — or deliberately constructed, we use the term bio-designed to describe our skincare because that’s the approach we take throughout.

Many formulations use natural ingredients — such as oats for their healing properties, or fruit acids to help boost skin radiance — but we go a step further.

The quality and potency of a natural ingredient is dictated by the soil and climate in which the plant grows, so we start by carefully sourcing our plants, to ensure they have the exact balance of nutrients we’re looking for.

We then use a bespoke process to extract the active ingredient, and transform it into a format that your skin can recognise and use.

Finally, we carefully design the formulation to make sure that the ingredients deliver maximum benefits to the skin, exactly where they’re needed.

The key ingredients

Every single formulation in the range contains at least one of our signature components — highly-concentrated, sustainable active ingredients that deliver a powerful shot of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, designed to give optimum benefit to skin without irritation or inflammation.

These ingredients, that are exclusive to Elequra, and were developed and fine-tuned over a period of three years, include our Tamarind Seed Extract, a powerful hydrator which is 40 per cent more effective than Hyaluronic Acid at attracting water molecules to help plump skin, and our Rift Valley Algae Complex, which is precisely bioengineered for over 4 months in our laboratories, creating a skin superfood full of essential amino acids, fatty acids, bioactive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Our Ingredients

Discover how our unique ingredients are created

Our products are:

Ingredient led
Biochemist designed
Dermatologist tested
Clinically proven
Innovation centred

Clinical trials

We are convinced that our approach to skincare gives optimum results but, as a brand rooted in science, it was important to us to prove this scientifically.

There are many ways to carry out clinical trials on a skincare product: you can test the individual ingredients, or the final formulation, you can test it in a lab on skin models or on real people. But we feel the only way to prove that something works in real life is to get a machine to objectively assess the results after a variety of real people have used it in a real life scenario.

We put our 2 hero products through independent clinical tests against an investigational reference product. 30 women took part in each study. The results were exceptional:

Eye Architecture Cream
In independent clinical tests, 100% of users had a 34% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in 28 days.

Youth Capture Serum
In independent clinical tests, 100% of users had a 22% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in 28 days.

Constant Innovation

Science doesn’t stand still, as a result, neither do we. Every day there are new insights that increase our knowledge of technology, ingredients and formulations, and we think our customers should be able to benefit from this.

As a small, agile team, we can react quickly to new discoveries — as soon as a paper is published, our biochemists are assessing the implications for skincare and working out whether this is something that could improve our range.

Conscious that once you’ve fallen in love with a product you don’t want it to change, their brief is to make imperceptible tweaks to our formulations that mean that your products work even harder for you, and give even better results.