Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool



Our Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool was designed in-house at our London laboratories. Its design provides a more controlled, multifunctional and effective application than a facial roller. The small end is used to massage around the eye contour area; the larger end is used along the jaw; whilst the long curved side helps massage product into the cheeks, forehead and neck. The tool can be used with all our products from cleansers to serums, minimising product wastage by avoiding direct contact between the hands and the face. We chose rose quartz because it has a hexagonal, linear and packed crystal structure: this means it is able to retain both heat and cold more effectively. Inducing a temperature gradient helps the absorption of active ingredients into the skin to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines as well as making skin feel firmer and look revitalised.

Please note: because our Rose Quartz Sculpting Tools are hand carved from delicate natural stone, there may be some surface imperfections, indentations and discolouration. These form part of the unique and inherent natural characteristics of the stone, and do not affect the product’s function or quality.

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Product Benefits

Reduces visible puffiness and dark circles
Supports natural circulation
Promotes radiance
Skin looks sculpted


How to use:

The Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool can be used with our Pure Balancing Cleanser, Deep Nourishing Cream, Eye Architecture Cream, Youth Capture Serum and Complete Replenishing Oil. For best results we recommend using it daily for a minimum of 2 minutes with moderate pressure. You can leave it in the fridge or on a warm surface to make it cool or warm before use.

  1. Apply the Elequra product you are using to the face.
  2. Use small end starting between the brows to sweep outwards and down along the brow line.
  3. Use small end starting underneath the eye in outward motions towards the temple.
  4. Use long side on the forehead and sweep in outwards motions and then in upwards motions, starting in the middle.
  5. Use long side on the cheekbones starting next to the nose with outward sweeping motions towards the temples.
  6. Use long side next to the mouth in outward sweeping motions.
  7. Use large end on the jaw, starting at the centre of the chin and moving out upwards.
  8. Use long side on the neck in outwards sweeping motions starting from underneath the chin moving downwards.
  9. Repeat on the other side of the face.

Make sure you wash the tool after each use with soap and water. It can also be used on your whole body with shower gels, body lotions and body creams.

We would recommend not to use the tool over acne, open wounds or sensitive skin and to discontinue use if the tool breaks or if there are any chips or scratches.



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Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool

Introducing our Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool