Pure Balancing Cleanser



Our luxurious cleanser brightens the complexion, removing all the daily debris picked up by your skin without damaging the epidermis and leaving your skin silky smooth. Formulated with the addition of fruit acids, our gentle cleanser exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a refreshed and revitalised complexion, to visibly reduce the signs of ageing.

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Proprietary Ingredients


Tamarind Seed Extract

Purified from the seed of the tamarind fruit in our laboratories, this is a powerful hydrator that plumps the skin with moisture.


Fruit Acids

A renewing ingredient that helps increase cell turnover resulting in an even and smooth skin tone.

About The Science

Product Benefits

Brightens complexion
Gently exfoliates
Removes daily dirt and grime
Hydrates and soothes
Calms irritated skin


Rose Water: the base of our cleanser, soothes the skin.
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Cocoamidopropyl Betaine: gentle surfactants that work together to create micelles that gently encapsulate and transport dirt and bacteria away from the skin when used with water.
Tamarind Seed Extract: bio-designed in our laboratories, this is a powerful hydrating ingredient
Stable Vitamin C: a brightening ingredient that reduces the appearance of blemishes, evens the skin tone and helps to increase skin’s firmness.
Panthenol: pro-vitamin B5, a water-attracting, penetrative ingredient that helps the skin layers retain moisture thereby helping reduce inflammation.
Fruit Acids: gently exfoliates the skin to refresh the complexion, helps skin feels firmer and smoother.
Hydrolysed silk: made from the amino acids serine, alanine and glycine this imparts a silk-like soft texture to the skin.
Green Tea Extract: a polyphenol that is a natural antioxidant.
Baobab Extract: a brilliant natural antioxidant high in vitamin A, containing vital minerals magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.
Glycerin: a beautifully textured hydrating ingredient.

Pure Balancing Cleanser

Introducing our Pure Balancing Cleanser