The Elequra Story

Results driven skincare designed and developed by biochemists

The Elequra Story

Where it began

A unique synergy of a childhood spent in Kenya, and a biochemistry degree, led Elequra founder Nausheen Qureshi to realise a fundamental truth: when it comes to optimum and sustainable skin health, the best ingredients are not synthetic ones, or even natural ones, but a unique hybrid of the two: bio-designed natural extracts.

These ingredients are extracted from plants specifically selected for their nutritional composition, then carefully processed to ensure that skin can fully benefit from them.

The result is Elequra, a range of highly-acclaimed, British-made products that not only soothe and nourish skin, but have been clinically proven to decrease wrinkles within 28 days.

About Nausheen Qureshi

Elequra founder and biochemist


Born in Nairobi, Nausheen moved to the UK at the age of 15, but had grown up seeing traditional plant cures used in daily life to heal burns, cuts and more. She was intrigued to find out what it was within those plants that had such a profound impact on the skin and a combination of this curiosity, and a fascination with technological advances that she believed had the potential to revolutionise the beauty industry — and the lives of millions of women — led her to biochemistry.

She studied at the world-renowned Imperial College London, an institution revered for their research at the cutting edge of science, and retains her links with the university, ensuring she is always at the forefront of research knowledge.

Known for her creative and unique formulations and ingredients, Nausheen is a sought-after skin care expert with 15 years of experience and is frequently approached by eminent surgeons and healthcare professionals who want to create innovative product ranges that push the boundaries of what skincare can achieve.

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Our Network

The innovation, people and experience behind our research

With innovation being at the forefront of the Elequra philosophy, keeping abreast of technological developments, in all areas of biochemistry, is a priority.

To that end, we have close relationships with a number of leading experts, from cosmetic chemists and medical professionals to academic researchers. We draw on their knowledge of the latest advances in science to make our products better.


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