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Skincare During Your Menstrual Cycle

Ever noticed how dry your skin is when you have your period? Or how you always get inflammation and spots the week before it? I’ve been creating skincare products for years. Part of my specialism as a skincare biochemist is understanding the link between our body’s emitted chemicals and our skin cells. Understanding what products… Read more »

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Spring clean your skincare routine

I’ve always been an advocate of changing your skincare to suit your lifestyle and the same goes for weather changes. As we move towards longer days this Spring, the increased amount of daylight time has been shown to directly affect our bodies in their moods, metabolism and vitamin levels. These changes in turn affect the… Read more »

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Rift Valley Algae Complex: superfood for the skin

Our Rift Valley Algae Complex (found in our Eye Architecture Cream, Deep Nourishing Cream and Youth Capture Serum) is a very unique skincare ingredient in that it is a skin superfood, containing high levels of the most useful nutrients for the skin. The result – healthy looking skin that feels smother and appears glowing. Our… Read more »

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A note from our founder

I am delighted to share and introduce Elequra Bio-designed Skincare with you today as we launch our website and e-shop with UK and international shipping. My team and I have been working tirelessly over many months to perfect all our products in every single aspect – formulation, performance, smell, texture and packaging. Our team believes in… Read more »

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